Activated Charcoal For Skin And Teeth Beauty

The phrase “activated charcoal” in most people is associated with food poisoning. But many girls have long known and are using this drug in the fight for beautiful skin and whiteness of teeth. It is added to the product for washing, in masks, in toothpaste, and even in juices. And not in vain, because activated charcoal is known for its ability to absorb toxins and pollutants. But is it really effective? Here several agents with activated charcoal are selected, which really work.

Activated charcoal

Many people have heard about the properties of activated charcoal, the most famous benefit of coal is the purification of the body from intoxication. Coal has a high activity and in a short time absorbs slags, pollution. The big plus is that it is safe and consists of natural raw materials. Produce activated charcoal from wood of certain varieties: oak, birch, poplar, spruce and pine. It is applied in wide spheres, namely: dietology, gastrointestinal diseases, for water filtration, cosmetology and in other branches. This unique cleanser is required not only in the chemist’s handbag, but also in the cosmetics of every woman. A black tablet will help to clear the skin surface from blackheads and gums. Many people know the black mask, and so it can be done at home. Read also:

Washing with activated charcoal

Now in cosmetic stores and in the pharmacy you can find soap for washing black. It looks a bit strange, but its color is just a consequence of the presence of charcoal in its composition. And this soap is really good to apply for washing, as it actively struggles with acne and inflammations of all kinds. It is best to look for soap on a natural basis, for example, with an extract of bark of oak or willow, they are natural sources of salicylic acid.

Activated CharcoalMask for face with activated charcoal

Charcoal should be provided with physical contact with the skin so that it can absorb all harmful substances from it. Therefore, the longer you keep the mask on your face, the better (but without fanaticism, naturally). This tool is especially suitable for people who live in large cities and whose skin is constantly exposed to exhaust emissions. Good work clay mask with 1-2 tablets of activated charcoal.

Cleansing strips for the nose

In order to get rid of blackheads on the nose, you can buy special strips with activated charcoal or make them yourself from the same pharmacy, gelatin and milk. They work equally well. Do not forget to wash with warm water and foam before applying such a strip to remove excess fat and dust that clog pores.

Powder for cleaning teeth with activated charcoal

In our stores you are unlikely to find such a tool, although abroad it has long been produced by various cosmetic brands. But you can make it yourself from the usual powder for cleaning teeth and activated charcoal tablets. You can also add tablets powder to toothpaste and brush the mixture with your teeth. After a week of using the product, you will notice that the tooth enamel bleached a few tones.

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