Features of using masks with activated charcoal to cleanse the face

When you have acne, a strong acne or black spots, every girl or woman wants to get rid of them. For this purpose, activated charcoal is used for the face.

But, before using the product with charcoal, it is important to get acquainted with the basic rules of cooking, as well as using masks. Since each mask has its own composition and is accordingly applied in different ways. When choosing the components for a cleansing mask, it is important to consider the purpose of its use, as well as the type of skin of the face.

Activated charcoal is a natural drug obtained by burning birch, conifers or other trees. Enter sorbent consists of natural properties, which are stored in masks with charcoal for the face.

With the help of a well cleanser, you can remove all problems that have arisen on the face in a short period of time. The use of the drug for the face is as follows:

  • It is used to create masks in order to improve the condition of oily skin. Cleansing procedure allows you to permanently get rid of pimples, and also helps to reduce the gloss of the face.
  • Struggles with black dots. It is recommended that the absorbent be used together with gelatin or other useful ingredients.
  • When cleaning face smooth out roughness and roughness on the face.
  • Successfully removes all contamination from the pores.

With its use, there are no side effects, and the effect from the application is much better than from expensive anti-acne medications on the face. Read also: Activated charcoal black soap, the dark side of beauty

Indications for conduction

Since tablets of coal are considered a medicine, they have their indications and contraindications.

activated charcoal

Indications for the use of masks:

  • Inflamed face;
  • Clogged pores;
  • Too oily skin;
  • Unhealthy face color;
  • Presence of points on the face.

Therefore, it is recommended to dilute the preparation with other components. Combining masks will remove harmful substances, as well as replenish in cells taken away from coal useful components.

Application and preparation rules

To get a positive result from a cleanser, it is important to be able to use it correctly. The rules of cooking and the nuances of using coal masks:

  • When treating and cleaning the skin of the face means it is necessary to remember that it is black and does not look aesthetically pleasing. Lie in a pleasant atmosphere. Do not fall asleep in time to remove the applied mass and not to damage the skin.
  • For the procedure, it is best to take a fresh preparation. Since old expired pills will simply not be effective.
  • Tablets are easily crumbled, so to get a powder out of them, it’s enough to simply crush them with a spoon or a crush.
  • To ensure that the cleansing mass falls well on the skin, it should be well mixed, breaking all the formed lumps.
  • Before the procedure, rinse the skin with a steam bath with healing herbs.
  • Mass is applied with a brush on the facial massage lines. In this case, it is applied either to the entire face completely or only to some problematic areas.
  • To avoid darkening of the skin, it is important to wash the cleansing mass no later than a quarter of an hour after application.
  • For the therapy of inflamed skin, the destruction of black dots, a coal mask is applied every seven days for 42 days.
  • For flushing, take only warm running water.
  • After each procedure, lubricate the face with a nutritious cream.

With the systematic use of coal tablets to purify the face, the cells will breathe fully, so that the skin will always be clean, well-groomed, beautiful and healthy.

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