Make a black mask – a penny costs, the result per million

Sometimes the struggle with annoying black dots on the face and attempts to deeply cleanse the skin pores resemble the Sisyphean labor – we try our best, but the effect is almost none. And, of course, every novelty that promises a quick and effective solution to this problem, at the moment becomes very popular. So it happened with the sensational Black Mask – a mask-film for a frighteningly black face, which “rips” dirt even from the deepest pores.

On the shelves of many girls quickly appeared tubes with a magic mask, and if there is a demand, that is, a proposal. And today such a position is in the assortment of a number of cosmetic companies. But it turns out that you can make a black mask with activated carbon at home. The resulting composition is no less effective, and it costs a mere penny.

What is a black mask-film?

Three basic recipes for black masks are coal (with activated carbon), mud and black cosmetic clay. They look similar in appearance, but the texture is different and the “coupling” with the skin is also different.

Masks made of mud and mud are also very good: they dry out inflammations, purify the pores, tighten the face and saturate the skin with minerals.

But if you need a black mask-film, then it’s just a mask of activated charcoal. Black coal mask from blackheads is a mixture that forms a dense film when it dries on the skin, “grasping” with the upper, keratinized particles of sebaceous plugs and skin. Remove it in one layer, without moistening. If you have sensitive skin, it is better to apply the mask pointwise – only to those areas where the pores are very wide and the skin is not too thin.

For the first time on mask there was a whole hedgehog of dirt and sebum. The sight is disgusting, I’ll tell you honestly. And this despite the fact that my skin is far from being neglected! Despite the strange and even ridiculous appearance of a black facial mask at home, feedback about it confirms that it actually works. Read also:

Of course, this is not a panacea for all problems, and the pores from the first time will not become completely invisible. But with regular use, the mask actually cleanses the skin. Plus, you get the peeling effect, so, in addition to pure pores, you get also an updated, refreshed face.

How does the black mask work?

The action of the black mask with activated charcoal is mechanical – when dried, it sticks together in greasy stoppers that close and stretch the pores. When you remove the mask, the dirt plugs from the pores come off with it. As a result, you have in your hands a dry black film, and on it – the former contents of your pores. If you’ve ever used plasters to clean up pores, you know what it’s about. The mask acts exactly the same.

Mud and clay black masks work like adsorbents. They absorb dirt and sebum and simultaneously saturate the epidermis with minerals. In addition, during the washing process, you very gently scrub the skin. The result is cleansed, refreshed, soft and fresh skin. But do not forget that after procedures with clays and muds, you must always apply a tonic and a cream according to the type of skin.

How to make a black mask at home?

To make a black clay mask, dilute dry powder of black cosmetic clay with water, milk or herbal decoction to the consistency of thick sour cream. Mud black masks are usually sold already ready – in the form of black paste (and yes, it’s dirt, so do not wait for paradise fragrances, except that the producer will be generous with a powerful flavor. But as for me, it’s better to have 100% natural masks, albeit with an unpleasant smell). If you have dirt in the form of a dry powder, dilute it just like clay.

To make a black film mask, you will need to mix activated carbon powder with an adhesive backing. Usually it is gelatin, but home cosmetologists-extremals share with us recipes for masks based on PVA and rubber glue. You have the right to try, but first think, does your skin need a close acquaintance with these, to put it mildly, not useful substances?

So gelatin is the most innocuous version of the base. I’m using it. To gelatinous mask dried, and not turned to the skin in a layer of jelly, it needs to be applied in thin layers in several stages, waiting between applications until it dries a little. To keep the contents of the pores better captured by the mask and easier to remove, the skin before applying the mask is better to steam out.

Cleansing mask-films cannot be used on damaged skin – burns, inflammations, scratches, otherwise the skin condition will only worsen.

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