Masks for face with activated charcoal

It is a safe and natural product. It has a unique activity as a medicinal product and as a universal means for skin care of the face. Masks based on activated charcoal will eliminate many skin problems, having a beneficial effect on it. So, we learn about their features, application options.

Activated charcoal in the composition with a hydro charcoal, oxygen, hydrogen is capable of carrying out a small “revolution” at the cellular level. Black tablets balance the metabolic processes, cleaning the skin from contaminants. Masks with this product, prepared independently at home, produce such an effect:

  • Affect the work of glands, reducing the production of subcutaneous fat. The result of this is the absence of sebaceous plugs – the causes of acne, blackheads, black spots. Oily skin loses greasy nasty shine.
  • Eliminate ugly black dots on the face and prevent their further formation.

In order to prepare a useful and effective composition for the face, knowledge is necessary. Use only fresh activated charcoal tablets. Buy to crush them into a powder wooden crush or pestle. Usually allergic reactions do not occur to this product, but, in order not to risk, apply part of the prepared mixture to the elbow bend or wrist. In these parts of the body, the skin is very sensitive, and therefore it reacts lightly to the allergen in the mask with rashes, redness and burning. If these phenomena do not arise, then the mask can be applied to the face safely. Before applying, steal it, using a steam bath on medicinal herbs. For this purpose, you can use flowers of chamomile and marigold, the herb of St. John’s wort. Read also:

To mix evenly distributed on the skin, mix and whisk it thoroughly until smooth. Apply it with finger pads or a special brush on the entire surface of the face, avoiding the zone under the eyes, or only on problem areas. It can be a nose, a chin that is those places where black points appear most often. When you wash the composition off your face with warm water, do not forget to apply a good nourishing cream, which will enhance the effect of manipulation.

activated charcoalKeep the mask on the skin for a long time cannot be, otherwise it will acquire an earthy tinge. To remove black spots and eliminate inflammation, an activated charcoal mask should be done once a week. The course is 6-8 procedures

Activated charcoal absorbs not only harmful substances from the skin, but also useful. Therefore, the product must be combined with ingredients that restore the skin balance. We offer the most popular recipes:

  • Grind 1 tablet of coal, combine with a teaspoon of gelatin, and dilute the composition 2 with the same spoons of water. Place the mixture in the microwave for 30 seconds. Thoroughly mix everything. Cool down. In a warm form brush on the face. Soak for 20 minutes. The composition is first washed off with hot water, then cool.
  • Two black tablets turn into powder, mix with a teaspoon of black or green cosmetic clay, add 2 tablespoons of warm milk, pour 1 teaspoon of gelatin powder. Stir. After 15 minutes, heat this mixture to steam, so that the gelatin is completely dissolved. In warm form, apply on face for 20 minutes. Rinse with hot water and then with cool water.
  • Grind 3 tablets of coal, combine with 2 tablespoons of natural yogurt, a pinch of soda. Stir until the uniformity mask for 15 minutes. Remove it with a cotton swab dipped in warm water.

Such masks will provide your skin with a deep cleansing, make it clean and healthy.

This can be an individual intolerance to activated charcoal. But in practice this is rare. Do not use formulations with black tablets for purulent lesions of the skin, wounds and injuries.

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