Nutrition for Beautiful Skin: How to Eat So That the Skin Shines With Health and Beauty

Not only does our health and well-being depend on nutrition, but also the condition of the skin. Care for the face and body, regardless of the type, you need to start from the inside. Let’s look at what you need to eat so that the skin shines with health and beauty.

So, nutrition for beautiful skin – the most important principles, as well as an exemplary menu and other secrets of preservation of attractiveness.

Water is the basis of beautiful skin

Without a proper drinking regime, it is almost impossible to have a good skin condition. Lack of water makes it dry, the skin is constantly exposed to peeling, and day by day its tone and elasticity are lost. To avoid this, try to drink from 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. If you categorically do not accept the taste of water.

Also, to maintain the balance of water will help fruits, vegetables, broths. Try to minimize the consumption of beverages containing caffeine (green tea, coffee, energy drinks, etc.). The norm is 1-2 cups a day.

Nutrition for Beautiful Skin

Caffeine acts as a diuretic, removing fluid from the body. Therefore, take the rule of drinking an extra cup of water for every portion of coffee or tea you drank.

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Nutrition for Beautiful Skin

Vitamins of youth and beauty

It is best to extract vitamins from natural products than to drink vitamin complexes. For the health of the skin, the following vitamins are important:

  • Vitamin A is necessary for the regeneration of cells (contained in spinach, carrots, broccoli, melon, fermented milk products and egg yolk, the record holder for the content – beef liver);
  • B vitamins help to assimilate fatty acids better, thanks to which the skin will look more elastic (contained in vegetables, all in the same liver and eggs);
  • Vitamin C makes the skin more elastic, elastic, improves its color (found in sweet peppers, greens, tomatoes, broccoli, citrus fruits, strawberries, and recognized champions in its content – dog rose, black currant and kiwi);
  • Vitamin D promotes the formation and development of new cells (found in fermented milk products, egg yolk, salmon);
  • Vitamin E protects against the harmful effects of the environment, supports the health of cells (found in cereals, nuts).

There are also special products that slow down aging – prunes, raisins, cabbage, green tea, beets, orange, red grapes, Bulgarian pepper, and millet. This is not just a list, it’s a rating. Products in it are located by the content of antioxidants in them, i.e. prunes – the record holder, and millet takes the honorable 9th place. Eat well, and be good in front of your eyes!

Fats for elasticity and elasticity

Fats are extremely important for the health of not only the skin, but also the hair, nails. Whatever your diet, try not to completely eliminate fats.

By the way, a complete exception or serious lack of fat will not help to lose weight – on the contrary, the body does not rush to say goodbye to the fatty layer, if the fats necessary for its work do not come from outside.

Thanks to fats, the skin will look more hydrated and elastic, the hair will shine, and the nails will not break. The most useful sources of fats: nuts, linseed, sunflower and olive oil, cold pressed, avocado, fish oil.

By the way, the norm for obtaining the required amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids is 200 grams of fish plus a tablespoon of cold pressed oil. I think that there will be no problems with oil, but fish oil can and should be taken in capsules.

Nutrition for attractive skin: an approximate menu

To maintain youth, your diet should be rich in proteins (for the construction of new cells), vitamins, trace elements and fats. No chemistry in the form of special preparations, tablets and dietary supplements is required here.

Here’s the approximate menu:

  • Breakfast: a serving of cereal or omelets, one fruit or 3-4 dried fruits.
  • Second breakfast: a handful of nuts.
  • Lunch: chicken breast or fish plus vegetable garnish. If you eat soup, then do without garnish (too much weight will not decorate you).
  • Afternoon snack: 100 grams of cottage cheese and fruit.
  • Dinner: 100-150 grams of beef liver (chicken, fish, seafood), vegetable salad.

What should I avoid to keep the beauty of the skin?

  • Alcohol provokes allergic reactions, promotes the development of acne, causes swelling.
  • Smoking leads to premature aging of the skin. This is confirmed not only by research of scientists, but also by the reviews of girls who smoke for many years.
  • Stress leads to disruption of the hormonal background, the appearance of premature wrinkles and skin diseases (read how to stop eating stress – there are many simple ways to cope with the surging emotions).
  • The sun causes premature aging of the skin, hyperpigmentation, and loss of elasticity. Photoaging is the main cause of skin aging, so sunscreen should be used, even in winter.
  • Products containing sugar can cause allergic reactions, make the skin oilier; provoke the development of acne and the appearance of acne. But what is even more unpleasant, sugar contributes to early aging, destroying the collagen filaments that support the skin.

In addition to maintaining proper nutrition, you must adhere to a healthy lifestyle, so that your skin is beautiful. So, try to give 20-30 minutes a day to physical exercises (and important as cardio – for blood supply to the skin, and the force load – to maintain the muscle frame), sleep 7-8 hours a day, walk in the fresh air. And, of course, keep up the good mood!