Activated charcoal for cleaning the face: Mask, Scrub and Soap

Many of us used to think that activated charcoal is useful only in cases where gastric purification is necessary. However, it is useful to apply to the skin of the face, for the same purpose, cleansing. Masks and scrubs with the main ingredient in the form of chemist’s coal are able to perfectly clean the skin of the face. For an ideal result, use such a mask a few times a week. Especially suitable for such formulations are those who have a fat type of facial skin.

Mask for a fat typeface with activated charcoalActivated charcoal

Before applying this mask, you need to test on a small area of the skin to make sure that you are allergic to it. This procedure is necessary to make the owners of very sensitive skin. Or if there were previously allergic reactions to the components of the mask.

Ingredients for the preparation of the mask: a teaspoon of crushed activated carbon, as much juice of aloe, water, 5 drops of tea tree oil, a pinch of sea salt. Mix the ingredients gently to a uniform consistency, apply to the skin of the face not too thick layer, wait until the mask has dried, and rinse with warm, but not hot water. You can find best charcoal products in here Actinera.

Facial scrub with activated charcoalActivated charcoal

In a tablespoon of water, put two pills of coal and let stand for 3 minutes. Add a teaspoon of aloe juice, honey, sugar. Mix all. Carry out a sensitivity test for the scrub components. If there is no reaction, apply a scrub to face. When applying the scrub to the skin, gently massage for a minute with your fingertips face on the message lines and leave for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Soap for the face with activated charcoalActivated charcoal

Activated charcoal is often used as a component for home medical soap. Activated charcoal soap is well suited for people suffering from the problem of inflammation of the sebaceous glands (acne). And those who tried this tool, they say that acne became much less. Such a soap does not damage the skin of the face in any way, so it has no contraindications. Cosmetic soap with activated carbon can be purchased at the pharmacy or manufactured independently. To make this soap at home, it is necessary to grind the baby soap on a shallow grater, put it on a water bath, add 10 tablets of crushed activated carbon and pour into a mold to solidify.

Top 11 Problems Solved By Activated Charcoal

1. Remedy for flatulence and bloating

Gases happen to us all. On average, a person emits gases 14 times a day – this is perfectly normal. But if you suffer from flatulence or painful bloating, activated charcoal will help you! The studies show, that the intake of activated charcoal before food intestinal gas volume is significantly reduced.

Features of using masks with activated charcoal to cleanse the face

When you have acne, a strong acne or black spots, every girl or woman wants to get rid of them. For this purpose, activated charcoal is used for the face.

But, before using the product with charcoal, it is important to get acquainted with the basic rules of cooking, as well as using masks. Since each mask has its own composition and is accordingly applied in different ways. When choosing the components for a cleansing mask, it is important to consider the purpose of its use, as well as the type of skin of the face.

Black masks made of activated charcoal

It is difficult to imagine recipes for home cosmetics without a known adsorbent – activated charcoal. Providing a complex effect on the skin, activated charcoal can cope with a variety of skin problems of the face. Usually it is used as an integral component of cleansing masks. Black Masks with activated charcoal are hypoallergenic and suitable for all ages.

Activated Charcoal For Skin And Teeth Beauty

The phrase “activated charcoal” in most people is associated with food poisoning. But many girls have long known and are using this drug in the fight for beautiful skin and whiteness of teeth. It is added to the product for washing, in masks, in toothpaste, and even in juices. And not in vain, because activated charcoal is known for its ability to absorb toxins and pollutants. But is it really effective? Here several agents with activated charcoal are selected, which really work.

Masks for face with activated charcoal

It is a safe and natural product. It has a unique activity as a medicinal product and as a universal means for skin care of the face. Masks based on activated charcoal will eliminate many skin problems, having a beneficial effect on it. So, we learn about their features, application options.

Gelatin Mask with Activated Charcoal for Wrinkles and Black Spots

How many women, whose age has long crossed the 40-year boundary, manage to keep the skin smooth, clean and virtually free of wrinkles? Is the secret of youth hidden in the use of expensive injections and the use of special rejuvenating lotions from pharmaceutical companies? In this material, we will reveal to you the secret of proper facial care at home with activated charcoal, which will help get rid of wrinkles and black spots, restore elasticity and velvety skin, and restore a tightened face.